Ma to Voltage Calculator


About Ma to Voltage Calculator (Formula)

The Ma to Voltage Calculator is a tool used to convert milliamps (mA) to voltage based on a given resistance. It allows for the calculation of the voltage generated by a specific milliampere current passing through a resistance. This conversion is commonly used in electrical engineering and electronics to determine the voltage output in various circuits.

The formula used to calculate the voltage from mA is as follows:

V = (ma / 1000) * R


  • V represents the voltage output in volts.
  • ma denotes the total number of milliamps (mA).
  • R refers to the total resistance in ohms.

To use the Ma to Voltage Calculator, input the values for the total number of milliamps (ma) and the total resistance (R). After entering the values, click the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will apply the formula to determine the voltage output. The result is displayed as “Voltage from MA: [value] volts” with two decimal places.

By utilising the Ma to Voltage Calculator, electrical engineers and electronics enthusiasts can quickly convert milliamps to voltage, allowing them to analyse and design circuits, determine appropriate voltage levels, and ensure proper functionality of electronic devices.

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