Interest Revenue Calculator


About Interest Revenue Calculator (Formula)

The Interest Revenue Calculator is a tool used to estimate the revenue generated from an investment based on the principal amount and the interest rate. It calculates the interest revenue earned over a given period. This calculation is commonly used in finance and investment analysis to evaluate the potential returns on investments.

The formula used to calculate the interest revenue is as follows:

IR = (PA * IR) / 100


  • IR represents the interest revenue earned.
  • PA denotes the principal amount of the investment.
  • IR refers to the interest rate, expressed as a percentage per year.

To use the Interest Revenue Calculator, input the values for the principal amount (PA) and the interest rate (IR). After entering the values, click the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will apply the formula to estimate the interest revenue. The result is displayed as “Interest Revenue: £[value]” with two decimal places.

By utilising the Interest Revenue Calculator, individuals can evaluate the potential earnings from their investments and make informed decisions based on the projected interest revenue. It aids in financial planning, investment analysis, and assessing the profitability of various investment opportunities.

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