Coverage Area Calculator


About Coverage Area Calculator (Formula)

The Coverage Area Calculator is a tool used to estimate the coverage area of a building on a given lot. It calculates the percentage of the lot area covered by the building footprint. This calculation is useful in urban planning, architecture, and construction projects for assessing land use and building density.

The formula used to calculate the coverage area is straightforward:

CA = (F / LA) * 100


  • CA represents the Coverage Area, expressed as a percentage.
  • F denotes the total building footprint, measured in square feet.
  • LA refers to the total lot area, also measured in square feet.

To use the Coverage Area Calculator, input the values for the total building footprint (F) and total lot area (LA). After entering the values, click the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will apply the formula to estimate the coverage area percentage. The result is presented as “Coverage Area: [value]%” with two decimal places.

By utilising the Coverage Area Calculator, architects, urban planners, and developers can evaluate the impact of a building’s footprint on the available lot area. It aids in determining the optimal use of land, adherence to zoning regulations, and assessing the balance between built-up and open spaces.

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