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About WHIP Calculator (Formula)

A WHIP calculator is a tool used to calculate the WHIP (walks and hits per inning pitched) of a baseball or softball pitcher. WHIP is a statistic that measures the effectiveness of a pitcher by calculating the number of walks and hits they give up per inning pitched. The formula for calculating WHIP is:

WHIP = (Walks + Hits) / Innings Pitched


  • Walks are the number of times a pitcher throws four balls, resulting in the opposing team’s batter being awarded first base
  • Hits are the number of times a batter safely makes contact with the ball and reaches base against the pitcher
  • Innings Pitched is the total number of innings a pitcher has pitched

A WHIP of 1.000 is considered a perfect score, indicating that the pitcher did not give up any walks or hits per inning pitched. A typical WHIP of below 1.25 is considered good, below 1.00 is considered very good, and below 0.80 is considered exceptional.

WHIP calculators are commonly used in baseball and softball to quickly and easily calculate the WHIP of a pitcher. They can be found in spreadsheet software or as online calculators and can be used to calculate the WHIP for a given pitcher based on their number of walks, hits, and innings pitched.


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