Wdv Rate Calculator


About Wdv Rate Calculator (Formula)

The WDV Rate Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the Written Down Value (WDV) rate of an asset based on its scrap value, written down value, and useful life. This calculator is commonly used in finance and accounting to assess the rate of depreciation of an asset over time.

The formula used to calculate the WDV rate is:

WDV = [1 – (SV/WV)^(1/n)] * 100


  • WDV represents the Written Down Value rate, expressed as a percentage.
  • SV denotes the scrap value of the asset.
  • WV represents the written down value of the asset.
  • n represents the useful life of the asset in terms of periods.

The formula states that the WDV rate is calculated by dividing the difference between the scrap value and the written down value raised to the power of the reciprocal of the useful life, subtracting it from 1, and then multiplying the result by 100 to obtain a percentage value.

By utilizing the WDV Rate Calculator, users can easily determine the rate of depreciation for an asset by providing the necessary information. The calculator performs the calculation based on the given formula and presents the WDV rate as a percentage.

This calculator serves as a valuable tool in financial analysis, budgeting, and asset management. It assists in evaluating the decline in the value of assets over time and aids in making informed decisions regarding asset valuation, replacement planning, and financial forecasting.

The WDV Rate Calculator simplifies the calculation process, allowing for accurate and efficient assessment of the rate of depreciation. It enables individuals and businesses to understand the impact of depreciation on asset values and assists in maintaining accurate financial records.

By utilizing the WDV Rate Calculator, users gain insights into the depreciation pattern of assets, helping them make strategic decisions regarding asset utilization, replacement, and investment.

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