Weight of Tube Calculator


About Weight of Tube Calculator (Formula)

The Weight of Tube Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the weight of a tube based on its outer radius, inner radius, length, and density. This calculator is commonly used in engineering and manufacturing industries to estimate the weight of tubular components for various applications.

The formula used to calculate the weight of a tube is:

W = π * (r2 – r1)² * h * d


  • W represents the weight of the tube.
  • π (pi) is a mathematical constant approximately equal to 3.14159.
  • r2 is the outer radius of the tube.
  • r1 is the inner radius of the tube.
  • h denotes the length of the tube.
  • d represents the density of the material in pounds per cubic inch (lb/in³).

The formula states that the weight of the tube is calculated by subtracting the squared inner radius from the squared outer radius, multiplying it by the length of the tube, and then multiplying the result by the density of the material.

By utilizing the Weight of Tube Calculator, users can easily determine the weight of a tube by providing the required measurements and density. The calculator performs the calculation based on the given formula and presents the weight in pounds (lb).

This calculator serves as a valuable tool in various industries where accurate weight estimation of tubes is essential. It aids in material planning, load-bearing analysis, transportation considerations, and cost estimation. By obtaining the weight of a tube, engineers and manufacturers can make informed decisions regarding structural integrity, material selection, and overall project requirements.

The Weight of Tube Calculator simplifies the calculation process, allowing for efficient and accurate weight determination. It eliminates the need for manual calculations and reduces the chances of errors, ensuring precise weight estimates for tubular components.

By using the Weight of Tube Calculator, users can save time and effort in estimating the weight of tubes, enhancing productivity and facilitating informed decision-making in engineering and manufacturing processes.

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