Plate Cost Calculator


About Plate Cost Calculator (Formula)

A Plate Cost Calculator is a tool used in the foodservice industry to determine the cost of producing a single serving or plate of a dish. It is essential for restaurants and catering businesses to understand their food costs and set appropriate menu prices to ensure profitability.

The formula to calculate the plate cost is as follows:

Plate Cost = (Cost of Ingredients per Serving) + (Labor Cost per Serving) + (Overhead Cost per Serving)


  • Cost of Ingredients per Serving: The total cost of all ingredients used to prepare a single serving of the dish, including raw materials and purchased items.
  • Labor Cost per Serving: The cost of labor required to prepare a single serving of the dish, including the wages of kitchen staff involved in its preparation.
  • Overhead Cost per Serving: The share of fixed overhead expenses allocated to a single serving, including rent, utilities, equipment, and other operational costs.

To use the Plate Cost Calculator, input the costs of ingredients, labor, and overhead per serving into the formula to find the total plate cost.

Calculating the plate cost is crucial for food businesses to determine the profitability of their menu items and make informed pricing decisions. By understanding the cost breakdown, businesses can identify which dishes are the most profitable and adjust their menu offerings accordingly.

The Plate Cost Calculator simplifies this process, providing accurate cost estimations and aiding restaurant owners, chefs, and catering managers in optimizing their operations and financial performance.

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