Gift of Equity Calculator


About Gift of Equity Calculator (Formula)

A Gift of Equity Calculator is a tool used in real estate transactions to determine the value of a gift of equity provided by a seller to a buyer. A gift of equity is when the seller of a property offers a discount on the sale price to a family member or someone with a close relationship, usually as a gift or favor.

The formula to calculate the gift of equity is as follows:

Gift of Equity = Appraised Value of the Property – Purchase Price


  • Gift of Equity: The amount of equity in the property that the seller is giving to the buyer as a gift.
  • Appraised Value of the Property: The estimated fair market value of the property, usually determined by a professional appraiser.
  • Purchase Price: The agreed-upon price at which the property is being sold.

To use the Gift of Equity Calculator, input the appraised value of the property and the purchase price into the formula to find the gift of equity.

Gift of equity transactions can have financial and tax implications for both the buyer and the seller. It is essential to consult with real estate professionals and tax advisors to understand the legal and financial consequences of such transactions.

The Gift of Equity Calculator simplifies this process, providing accurate calculations to assist buyers and sellers in determining the gift’s value and making informed decisions during real estate transactions involving gift of equity arrangements.

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