Fire Load Calculator


About Fire Load Calculator (Formula)

The Fire Load Calculator is a tool used to estimate the fire load in a given area based on certain parameters. The fire load refers to the amount of thermal energy released by a combustible material per unit area. It is a crucial factor in fire safety assessments and helps in determining the potential fire hazard and necessary fire protection measures.

The formula used to calculate the fire load is as follows:

FL = (M * C) / A


  • FL represents the Fire Load in kilojoules per square meter (kJ/m²).
  • M denotes the mass of the combustible material in kilograms (kg). It refers to the total weight of the material present within the area.
  • C represents the calorific value or heat of combustion of the material in kilojoules per kilogram (kJ/kg). It indicates the amount of energy released when the material undergoes combustion.
  • A denotes the area in square meters (m²). It refers to the total surface area over which the fire load is distributed.

To use the Fire Load Calculator, you need to input the values for the mass (M), calorific value (C), and area (A) of the combustible material. After entering the values, click the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will apply the formula to determine the fire load. The result is presented in kilojoules per square meter (kJ/m²), representing the amount of thermal energy released by the material per unit area.

By utilising the Fire Load Calculator, fire safety professionals and engineers can assess the potential fire hazards associated with different materials and make informed decisions regarding fire protection measures. It assists in determining the appropriate fire suppression systems, evacuation plans, and fire resistance ratings for structures. This calculator plays a crucial role in promoting fire safety and mitigating the risks posed by combustible materials.

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