Tree Volume Calculator


About Tree Volume Calculator (Formula)

The Tree Volume Calculator is a tool used to estimate the volume of a tree based on its radius and height. Determining the volume of a tree is essential for various purposes, such as forestry management, timber harvesting, and ecological studies.

The formula used to calculate the tree volume is as follows:

TV = π * TR^2 * TH


  • TV represents the Tree Volume in cubic feet (ft³).
  • TR denotes the tree radius in feet (ft). It refers to the distance from the center of the tree trunk to its outer edge.
  • TH represents the tree height in feet (ft). It refers to the vertical length from the base of the tree to its topmost point.

To use the Tree Volume Calculator, you need to input the values for the tree radius (TR) and tree height (TH). After entering the values, click the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will apply the formula to determine the tree volume. The result is presented in cubic feet (ft³), representing the amount of space occupied by the tree.

By utilising the Tree Volume Calculator, forestry professionals, researchers, and environmentalists can assess the size and biomass of trees, aiding in resource management and conservation efforts. It helps in estimating timber yields, evaluating forest health, and understanding carbon sequestration potential. This calculator plays a vital role in forestry practices and ecological studies by providing valuable insights into the volume of trees and their contribution to ecosystems.

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