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About Field Area Calculator (Formula)

Field area calculators are handy tools used to estimate the size of a field. Farmers, landscapers, surveyors and others often rely on this data when sizing land parcels. The formula for calculating its area varies based on its shape; in this article we’ll look at common shapes of fields and their related formulas.

Rectangular or Square Fields:

When dealing with rectangular or square fields, the area can be calculated using the following formula:

Area = Length x Width

Where, lungime Length is the distance from one end of a field to the other.
Width is measured from one side of the field to another.

For example, if a rectangular field measures 50 meters long and 20 meters wide, its area can be calculated as follows:

Area = 50 meters by 20 meters = 1000 square meters.

Circular Fields:

Circular fields can be calculated using the following formula:

Area = p x radius2

Where, P (pi) is a mathematical constant representing the ratio of circumference to diameter (approx. 314) of a circle and radius is its distance from center to edge (located at radius).

For example, if the radius of a circular field is 10 meters, its area can be calculated as follows:

Area = 3.14m by 10m (10 meters by 10 meters) = 314 square meters.

Triangular Fields:

For a triangular field, the area can be calculated using this formula:

Area = 1/2 the base’s height


Base is the length of the base of a triangle; Height is its perpendicular distance from that base to another vertex.

For example, if the base of a triangular field measures 20 meters and its height 10 meters, then its area can be calculated as follows:

Area = 1/2 x 20 meters by 10 meters = 100 square meters.

Irregular Fields:

Calculating the area of an irregularly shaped field can be done by breaking it up into smaller shapes with known formulae, like rectangles or triangles, and then adding up their areas. There are also software programs and apps available that utilize satellite imagery and mapping technology to calculate these fields’ areas.

Finally, a field area calculator is an invaluable tool for accurately measuring the area of land. While the formula used to calculate it will differ based on the shape of the field, using it correctly will yield accurate results.

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