Solid Angle Calculator


About Solid Angle Calculator (Formula)

A Solid Angle Calculator is a helpful tool that helps calculate the solid angle of an object or space based on its surface area and radius. A solid angle measures how much area or angle an object or space occupies at one location.

The formula for calculating solid angle is as follows:


Where O is the solid angle in steradians, A is the surface area of the projected area, and r is the radius of the object.

In simple terms, the formula states that the solid angle is directly proportional to the surface area of a projected area and inversely related to the square of an object’s radius. Thus, as surface area increases in projection, so does its solid angle; on the contrary, as radius increases it decreases.

Solid angles are measured in steradians, a unit of measurement used in three-dimensional space. One steradian equals one square unit on the surface of a sphere with a radius of one unit.

Solid Angle Calculators use the above formula to estimate the solid angle of an object or space based on entered values for surface area and radius. They’re especially helpful in physics, astronomy, and optics where solid angle plays a major role in calculations and measurements.

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