Equivalent Weight Calculator


About Equivalent Weight Calculator (Formula)

The Equivalent Weight Calculator is a tool used to calculate the equivalent weight of a substance based on its molecular weight and the number of electrons gained or lost (ΔE). It is commonly used in chemistry and stoichiometry calculations.

The formula used to calculate the equivalent weight is as follows:

Equivalent Weight (EW) = Molecular Weight (MW) / ΔE

In this formula, the molecular weight represents the mass of one mole of the substance, and ΔE represents the number of electrons gained or lost during a chemical reaction. The equivalent weight is determined by dividing the molecular weight by ΔE.

For example, if the molecular weight is 180 g/mol and ΔE is 2 electrons, the equivalent weight can be calculated as:

Equivalent Weight = 180 g/mol / 2 = 90 g/equivalent

Therefore, in this example, the equivalent weight would be 90 grams per equivalent.

The Equivalent Weight Calculator simplifies this calculation process, allowing users to quickly determine the equivalent weight of a substance. It is useful in various chemical calculations, including determining reaction stoichiometry, balancing chemical equations, and calculating quantities of substances involved in reactions.

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