Aviation Fuel Weight Calculator


About Aviation Fuel Weight Calculator (Formula)

The Aviation Fuel Weight Calculator is a tool used to estimate the weight of aviation fuel based on its volume. It is commonly used in the aviation industry for aircraft fuel planning and weight calculations.

The formula used to calculate the aviation fuel weight is as follows:

Aviation Fuel Weight (AFW) = Volume of Fuel (VF) * 6.7

In this formula, the volume of fuel is typically measured in gallons. The aviation fuel weight is determined by multiplying the volume of fuel by a conversion factor of 6.7.

For example, if the total volume of fuel is 100 gallons, the aviation fuel weight can be calculated as:

Aviation Fuel Weight = 100 gallons * 6.7 = 670 pounds

Therefore, in this example, the aviation fuel weight would be 670 pounds.

The Aviation Fuel Weight Calculator simplifies this calculation process, allowing users to quickly estimate the weight of aviation fuel based on the provided volume. It is an essential tool for pilots, aircraft operators, and fuel handlers to ensure accurate fuel load calculations, weight distribution, and compliance with aircraft limitations and safety regulations.

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