Yield To Maturity Calculator


About Yield To Maturity Calculator (Formula)

A Yield to Maturity Calculator is a tool used to estimate the yield or rate of return on a bond or fixed-income investment. The formula for calculating the yield to maturity typically involves the following variables:

Yield to Maturity = (Annual Interest Payment + (Face Value – Purchase Price) / Number of Years) / ((Face Value + Purchase Price) / 2)

Let’s break down the variables in this formula:

  1. Annual Interest Payment: This represents the annual interest or coupon payment received from the bond.
  2. Face Value: This refers to the nominal or par value of the bond, which is the amount repaid at maturity.
  3. Purchase Price: This represents the price at which the bond was purchased in the market.
  4. Number of Years: This represents the remaining number of years until the bond matures.

By summing the annual interest payment and the capital gain or loss divided by the number of years, and then dividing the result by the average of the face value and purchase price, you can calculate the yield to maturity as a percentage.

The yield to maturity is a key measure used to evaluate the potential return and attractiveness of a bond investment, taking into account both the coupon payments and the difference between the purchase price and face value.

A Yield to Maturity Calculator serves as a helpful tool for investors, financial analysts, and individuals working with bonds and fixed-income securities. It aids in comparing bond investments, assessing potential returns, and making informed decisions regarding portfolio allocation and investment strategies.

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