Weight Per Gallon Calculator


About Weight Per Gallon Calculator (Formula)

The Weight Per Gallon Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the weight per gallon of a substance or object based on its total weight and total volume. This calculation is useful for various applications, such as determining the density or concentration of liquids or evaluating the weight of a specific quantity of a substance.

The formula used in the calculator is straightforward and can be expressed as follows:

Weight Per Gallon (WPG) = Total Weight (W) / Total Volume (G)


  • Total Weight (W) represents the weight of the object or substance, typically measured in pounds (lbs).
  • Total Volume (G) denotes the total volume of the substance, usually measured in gallons (gal).

By dividing the total weight by the total volume, the Weight Per Gallon Calculator provides the weight of the substance per unit of volume (gallon).

To use the Weight Per Gallon Calculator, enter the total weight and total volume values into the respective input fields, either in pounds and gallons or the appropriate units. Upon clicking the “Calculate” button or submitting the form, the calculator executes the formula and displays the calculated weight per gallon.

The weight per gallon value obtained from this calculation can be helpful in various scenarios. For example, it allows for quick conversions between weight and volume measurements or assists in determining the concentration of solutions. It is important to note that the Weight Per Gallon Calculator assumes a consistent weight-to-volume ratio and does not consider factors such as temperature or variations in density.

The Weight Per Gallon Calculator serves as a valuable tool across industries that deal with substances in liquid form, such as chemical manufacturing, food and beverage production, or automotive maintenance. It provides a quick and convenient way to estimate the weight per gallon and aids in various practical applications requiring accurate weight or density measurements.


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