VR&E Monthly Payment Calculator



The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program offers crucial support to veterans with service-connected disabilities, aiding them in achieving employment goals and enhancing their quality of life. Understanding the monthly payment you may receive is essential for financial planning. The VR&E Monthly Payment Calculator provides a straightforward way to estimate your potential monthly benefits.


The formula for calculating your VR&E monthly payment is as follows:

Monthly Payment=Economic Incentive+Basic Monthly Subsistence Allowance 

The Economic Incentive is based on the severity of the service-connected disability, while the Basic Monthly Subsistence Allowance provides additional financial assistance.

How to Use?

Using the VR&E Monthly Payment Calculator is a simple process:

  1. Enter Disability Rating: Input your service-connected disability rating to determine the Economic Incentive.
  2. Specify Dependent Information: If applicable, provide details about dependents to receive additional allowances.
  3. Calculate: Press the calculate button to obtain an estimate of your monthly payment.


For example, consider a veteran with a 30% disability rating:

\text{Economic Incentive} = \text{30% of Maximum Economic Incentive}

Basic Monthly Subsistence Allowance=Dependent Allowance (if applicable)

Monthly Payment=Economic Incentive+Basic Monthly Subsistence Allowance 

By plugging in the specific values, you can determine the veteran’s estimated monthly payment.


Q1: How often are VR&E monthly payments disbursed? A1: VR&E monthly payments are typically disbursed on a regular monthly schedule.

Q2: Can the VR&E Monthly Payment Calculator account for changes in disability rating? A2: Yes, the calculator can be used to estimate payments based on updated disability ratings.

Q3: What factors influence the Basic Monthly Subsistence Allowance? A3: The Basic Monthly Subsistence Allowance takes into account factors such as the number of dependents and their specific circumstances.


The VR&E Monthly Payment Calculator is a valuable tool for veterans navigating the complexities of service-connected disabilities and rehabilitation. By utilizing this calculator, veterans can gain insights into their potential monthly benefits, aiding them in making informed decisions for their financial well-being. Always consult with the Department of Veterans Affairs or a qualified professional for the most accurate and up-to-date information on VR&E benefits.

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