Vessel Volume Calculator


About Vessel Volume Calculator (Formula)

The Vessel Volume Calculator is a tool used to compute the volume of various types of vessels or containers, such as tanks, cylinders, or spheres. The formula for calculating vessel volume can vary based on the shape of the vessel:

  1. Cylindrical Tank: Volume = π × (Radius^2) × Height
  2. Spherical Tank: Volume = (4/3) × π × (Radius^3)
  3. Rectangular Tank: Volume = Length × Width × Height


  • Volume: The capacity or internal space of the vessel, usually measured in cubic units (cubic meters, cubic feet, etc.).
  • π (Pi): A mathematical constant approximately equal to 3.14159.
  • Radius: The distance from the center of the circular base of the vessel to its edge.
  • Height: The vertical distance from the base to the top of the vessel.
  • Length: The longest dimension of the rectangular vessel.
  • Width: The shorter dimension of the rectangular vessel.

Calculating vessel volume is essential for various applications, such as designing storage tanks, determining fluid capacity, and planning material usage. Accurate volume calculations help avoid overfilling or underutilization of vessels, ensuring efficient use of resources.

The Vessel Volume Calculator simplifies the process of determining the internal capacity of different vessel shapes, aiding in engineering, manufacturing, and other industries that involve container design and usage.

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