Vacancy Rate Calculator


About Vacancy Rate Calculator (Formula)

A Vacancy Rate Calculator is a tool used to determine the vacancy rate of a property or real estate market, which measures the percentage of vacant units or properties compared to the total number of units or properties available. This calculator helps in assessing the supply and demand dynamics of the real estate market and evaluating the performance of rental properties. The formula for calculating vacancy rate is as follows:

Vacancy Rate = (Number of Vacant Units / Total Number of Units) * 100


  • Number of Vacant Units: The count of units or properties that are currently unoccupied or available for rent.
  • Total Number of Units: The total count of units or properties in the given market or property.

By dividing the number of vacant units by the total number of units and then multiplying by 100, you can calculate the vacancy rate as a percentage.

For example, if a building has 10 vacant apartments out of a total of 50 apartments, the vacancy rate would be:

Vacancy Rate = (10 / 50) * 100 = 20%

This means that 20% of the apartments in the building are currently vacant.

The Vacancy Rate Calculator is used by real estate investors, property managers, and market analysts to gauge the health of a real estate market, identify trends, and make informed decisions about rental property investments. A higher vacancy rate might indicate oversupply or economic issues, while a lower rate suggests strong demand and potential for higher rental income.

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