Transformer Calculator


About Transformer Calculator (Formula)

The Transformer Calculator is an electrical engineering tool used to calculate various parameters of transformers, including turns ratio, voltage ratio, current ratio, and power transformation. It helps engineers, technicians, and students analyze and design transformer circuits for efficient energy transfer and voltage transformation.

  1. Turns Ratio Calculation: The formula for calculating turns ratio (Np/Ns) is: Turns Ratio (Np/Ns) = Primary Turns (Np) / Secondary Turns (Ns)
  2. Voltage Ratio Calculation: The formula for calculating voltage ratio (Vp/Vs) is: Voltage Ratio (Vp/Vs) = Primary Voltage (Vp) / Secondary Voltage (Vs)
  3. Current Ratio Calculation: The formula for calculating current ratio (Ip/Is) is: Current Ratio (Ip/Is) = Primary Current (Ip) / Secondary Current (Is)
  4. Power Transformation Calculation: The formula for calculating power transformation ratio (Pp/Ps) is: Power Transformation Ratio (Pp/Ps) = Primary Power (Pp) / Secondary Power (Ps)

These calculations are crucial for understanding the behavior of transformers in electrical circuits, ensuring the desired voltage transformation, and analyzing efficiency. The transformer calculator is useful in industries, power distribution, electronics design, and energy management.

It’s important to note that transformers are not ideal, and losses due to resistance and core magnetization affect their efficiency. While the formulas mentioned above provide a basic understanding, real-world transformer behavior involves more complex considerations.

Overall, the Transformer Calculator simplifies the evaluation and design of transformers, facilitating effective energy transfer and voltage transformation in various electrical applications.

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