Sustainable Growth Rate Calculator


About Sustainable Growth Rate Calculator (Formula

A Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) Calculator is a financial tool used to determine the rate at which a company can grow its sales and earnings while maintaining its financial stability and capital structure. This calculation is crucial for assessing a company’s ability to sustain growth without relying heavily on external financing or risking financial distress.

Formula for Sustainable Growth Rate Calculation:

The formula for calculating the sustainable growth rate involves the company’s return on equity (ROE) and its retention ratio (plowback ratio), which represents the proportion of earnings retained for reinvestment in the company. The formula is:

Sustainable Growth Rate = ROE × Retention Ratio


  • Sustainable Growth Rate: The rate at which the company can grow its sales and earnings while maintaining financial stability.
  • ROE: The return on equity, which is the company’s net income divided by its total equity.
  • Retention Ratio: The proportion of earnings that the company retains for reinvestment, calculated as (1 – Dividend Payout Ratio).

The sustainable growth rate reflects the company’s ability to grow without diluting equity or overextending its financial resources.


  1. Financial Planning: Companies use the SGR Calculator for strategic financial planning and assessing growth potential in line with their financial capabilities.
  2. Investment Analysis: Investors use the calculator to evaluate a company’s growth prospects and its ability to generate internal funds for reinvestment.
  3. Capital Allocation: The calculator aids in determining the appropriate dividend policy and reinvestment strategy based on growth targets.
  4. Valuation: Sustainable growth rate calculations provide insights into estimating the intrinsic value of a company’s stock.
  5. Risk Assessment: The calculator helps companies avoid excessive growth that could lead to financial instability.

In summary, a Sustainable Growth Rate Calculator involves calculations that assist companies and investors in evaluating the company’s capacity for growth while maintaining financial equilibrium, contributing to informed financial decisions and growth strategies.

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