Sprocket Ratio Calculator


About Sprocket Ratio Calculator (Formula)

The Sprocket Ratio Calculator is a fundamental engineering tool used to determine the gear ratio between two sprockets in a chain or belt drive system. This calculator is essential for mechanical engineers, designers, and enthusiasts working with machinery and transmission systems.


Sprocket Ratio = (Number of Teeth on Driven Sprocket) / (Number of Teeth on Driving Sprocket)

To use the calculator, input the number of teeth on the driving and driven sprockets, and it will calculate the gear ratio.

The Sprocket Ratio Calculator is crucial for designing and optimizing power transmission systems, ensuring efficient torque and speed transfer.

Engineers, designers, and mechanics find the Sprocket Ratio Calculator invaluable for selecting appropriate sprocket combinations, designing machinery, and achieving desired performance outcomes.

By utilizing the Sprocket Ratio Calculator, individuals can accurately determine gear ratios, enhance mechanical efficiency, and make informed decisions in the design and operation of mechanical systems.

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