Spiral Length Calculator


About Spiral Length Calculator (Formula)

A Spiral Length Calculator is a tool used to determine the length of a spiral or helix, which is a three-dimensional curve that winds around a central axis while maintaining a constant distance from that axis. This calculator is valuable in various fields, including architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and design, where spirals and helices are encountered in various applications. The formula to calculate the length of a spiral depends on the type of spiral and the parameters involved.

For a simple cylindrical helix with a constant pitch (distance between successive turns) and radius, the formula to calculate the length of one complete turn is:

Length of One Turn = √(Pitch² + (2 * π * Radius)²)

The total length of the spiral can then be calculated by multiplying the length of one turn by the number of turns:

Total Length = Length of One Turn × Number of Turns


  • Pitch: The distance between successive turns of the spiral.
  • Radius: The distance from the central axis to any point on the spiral.
  • Number of Turns: The total number of turns or windings of the spiral.

For example, if a spiral has a pitch of 5 units, a radius of 3 units, and 10 complete turns, the total length of the spiral would be:

Length of One Turn = √(5² + (2 * π * 3)²) ≈ 17.45 units Total Length = 17.45 units × 10 turns = 174.5 units

The Spiral Length Calculator is employed in a variety of applications where spiral or helical shapes are encountered, such as designing springs, screws, and architectural features. It aids in accurately estimating the material required for manufacturing and construction projects involving spiral or helical elements. Keep in mind that the calculation may vary depending on the specific geometry of the spiral.

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