Specific Humidity Calculator


About Specific Humidity Calculator (Formula)

A Specific Humidity Calculator is a tool used to determine the specific humidity of the air. Specific humidity refers to the mass of water vapor present in a given mass of air, typically measured in grams of water vapor per kilogram of air (g/kg).

The formula to calculate specific humidity is as follows:

Specific Humidity = (Mass of Water Vapor) / (Total Mass of Air)


  • Mass of Water Vapor: The total mass of water vapor present in the air, usually measured in grams (g).
  • Total Mass of Air: The combined mass of dry air and water vapor in the given sample, typically measured in kilograms (kg).

To use the Specific Humidity Calculator, you need to know the mass of water vapor and the total mass of air at a specific location and time. Once you have these values, plug them into the formula to find the specific humidity in grams of water vapor per kilogram of air (g/kg).

Specific humidity is an essential parameter in meteorology and atmospheric science as it directly influences weather patterns and plays a significant role in understanding the moisture content of the air. It is used in various applications, including weather forecasting, climate studies, and environmental monitoring.

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