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About Slugging Percentage Calculator (Formula)

A slugging percentage calculator is a tool used to calculate the slugging percentage of a baseball or softball player. Slugging percentage is a statistic that measures the power of a batter by calculating the total number of bases a player earns per at-bat. The formula for calculating slugging percentage is:

SLG = (1B + 2 × 2B + 3 × 3B + 4 × HR) / AB


  • 1B, 2B, 3B, HR are the number of singles, doubles, triples, and home runs respectively
  • AB is the number of times a batter steps up to the plate to hit the ball

A slugging percentage of 1.000 is considered a perfect score, indicating that the batter reached base for four bases every time they stepped up to the plate. Slugging percentage is an important statistic in baseball and softball as it measures a batter’s power and ability to generate runs. Slugging percentage calculators can be found in spreadsheet software or as online calculators, and can be used to quickly and easily calculate the slugging percentage for a given player based on their number of hits and at-bats.


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