Slope Distance Calculator


About Slope Distance Calculator (Formula)

The Slope Distance Calculator is a tool used to calculate the horizontal distance between two points on an inclined or sloped surface. It is commonly used in surveying, engineering, and construction applications. The formula for calculating the slope distance involves using the Pythagorean theorem.

Formula for slope distance:

Slope Distance = √(Horizontal Distance^2 + Vertical Distance^2)

In this formula, “Horizontal Distance” represents the distance measured along the horizontal plane between the two points, and “Vertical Distance” represents the vertical difference in elevation between the two points. By squaring the horizontal and vertical distances, summing them, and then taking the square root of the sum, we can calculate the slope distance.

For example, suppose we have a horizontal distance of 100 meters and a vertical distance of 30 meters between two points. The slope distance would be calculated as follows:

Slope Distance = √(100^2 + 30^2) ≈ 104.40 meters

This means that the slope distance between the two points is approximately 104.40 meters.

The Slope Distance Calculator simplifies the process of calculating the distance on inclined surfaces, providing accurate measurements for various applications. By inputting the horizontal and vertical distances, the calculator quickly determines the slope distance, aiding in surveying, engineering, and construction projects.

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