Shop Rate Calculator


About Shop Rate Calculator (Formula)

A Shop Rate Calculator is a tool used by businesses, especially in service industries such as mechanics, repair shops, and consulting, to determine the hourly rate that should be charged for the services they provide. This rate covers both direct costs (labor, materials) and indirect costs (overhead, profit).

The formula for calculating the shop rate involves considering various costs and desired profit margin:

Shop Rate = (Total Direct Costs + Total Indirect Costs) / Total Billable Hours


  • Shop Rate is the hourly rate charged for services.
  • Total Direct Costs are the sum of labor costs and direct materials used for a specific project.
  • Total Indirect Costs are the sum of overhead costs (rent, utilities, equipment, etc.) and desired profit.
  • Total Billable Hours are the number of hours that can be billed to clients or customers.

To use the Shop Rate Calculator formula, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the total direct costs for the project, including labor costs and direct materials.
  2. Calculate the total indirect costs, including overhead expenses and desired profit.
  3. Determine the total billable hours for the project.
  4. Plug the values of total direct costs, total indirect costs, and total billable hours into the formula: Shop Rate = (Total Direct Costs + Total Indirect Costs) / Total Billable Hours.
  5. Calculate the shop rate. The result indicates the hourly rate that should be charged to cover costs and generate the desired profit.

Determining the appropriate shop rate is important for maintaining profitability while remaining competitive in the market. It’s also essential to periodically review and adjust the shop rate to account for changes in costs and market conditions.

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