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About Salinity Calculator (Formula)

Salinity is a measure of the total amount of dissolved salts in seawater. It is usually expressed in parts per thousand (ppt), which is the ratio of the mass of salt to the mass of seawater, multiplied by 1000.

The formula used to calculate salinity in ppt is:

S = (MS/MSW) * 1000

where S is the salinity in ppt, MS is the mass of salt in grams, and MSW is the mass of seawater in grams.

To use the formula in practice, you need to measure the mass of salt and seawater separately, and then plug those values into the formula to calculate the salinity in ppt. A salinity calculator simplifies this process by automating the calculation based on the input of the mass values.

It’s worth noting that salinity can also be measured using conductivity, which is related to the concentration of ions in the water. However, the ppt measurement is still widely used as a standard method for reporting salinity in seawater.

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