Reverse Percentage Calculator


About Reverse Percentage Calculator (Formula)

The Reverse Percentage Calculator is a tool used to determine the original amount before a certain percentage increase or decrease. This calculator is particularly useful for finding the initial value given the final value and the percentage change. The formula for calculating the original amount using reverse percentages is as follows:

Original Amount = Final Amount / (1 + Percentage Change)


  • Original Amount: The initial value before the percentage change.
  • Final Amount: The value after the percentage increase or decrease.
  • Percentage Change: The decimal representation of the percentage change, where positive values indicate an increase and negative values indicate a decrease.

This calculation is often utilized in business, finance, and everyday scenarios to reverse engineer the original price of an item after applying a percentage discount or increase.

The Reverse Percentage Calculator simplifies the process of finding the initial value based on the final value and percentage change, making it valuable for shoppers, financial analysts, and individuals working with percentage-based calculations.

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