Relative Change Calculator


About Relative Change Calculator (Formula)

The relative change calculator is a tool used to determine the percentage change of a value from an initial value to a final value. The formula used to calculate the relative change is:

R = (B-A) / B x 100


  • R is the relative change of B with respect to A (%)
  • B is the final value
  • A is the initial value

To calculate the relative change of a value, you subtract the initial value from the final value, divide by the final value and then multiply by 100. This gives you the percentage change of the value from the initial value to the final value.

Relative change is often used to compare changes in values over time, such as changes in stock prices, population, or economic indicators. It is a useful tool for comparing changes in values that have different units or scales.

A positive relative change indicates an increase, while a negative relative change indicates a decrease.


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