Refresh Rate Calculator


About Refresh Rate Calculator (Formula)

The Refresh Rate Calculator is a tool used to determine the refresh rate of a display based on the scanning frequency and the number of horizontal lines. The refresh rate refers to the number of times per second that an image on a display is refreshed or updated.

The formula used to calculate the refresh rate is as follows:

Refresh Rate (Hz) = Scanning Frequency (Hz) / (Number of Horizontal Lines * 1.05)

In this formula, the scanning frequency represents the frequency at which the electron beam scans the screen horizontally, measured in hertz (Hz). The number of horizontal lines refers to the total number of lines displayed horizontally on the screen.

To calculate the refresh rate, we divide the scanning frequency by the product of the number of horizontal lines and 1.05. The factor of 1.05 is included to account for various technical considerations and ensure optimal display performance.

By using the Refresh Rate Calculator, users can input the scanning frequency and the number of horizontal lines into the provided fields. Upon clicking the “Calculate” button, the calculator applies the formula and displays the resulting refresh rate in hertz (Hz).

This tool is particularly useful in fields such as display technology, video production, and gaming, where having a precise understanding of the refresh rate is essential for optimal viewing and smooth motion reproduction. It allows users to quickly determine the refresh rate of a display without the need for manual calculations, promoting efficiency and accuracy in display-related tasks.

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