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About Reaction Force Calculator (Formula)

The above code is an example of a simple HTML form that calculates the reaction force (also known as the normal force) acting on an object. The form prompts the user to enter the mass of the object in kilograms and the angle at which the force is acting in degrees. When the user clicks the “Calculate Force” button, a JavaScript function is called that performs the calculation.

The force is calculated using the formula:


where 9.81 is the acceleration due to gravity, and cos(angle) is the cosine of the angle.

The JavaScript function first converts the angle from degrees to radians using the following formula:

angle = angle * (Math.PI / 180)

It then calculates the force by multiplying the mass by 9.81 and the cosine of the angle. The result is then displayed on the page as “Reaction Force: [result] N”.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that the force is acting perpendicular to the surface, so it is also calculated using the cosine of the angle between the force vector and the surface.

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