Perimeter Ratio Calculator


About Perimeter Ratio Calculator (Formula)

The Perimeter Ratio Calculator is a tool used to calculate the perimeter ratio of two similar shapes or objects, aiding in comparing their sizes and proportions. The formula for calculating the perimeter ratio involves considering the perimeters of the two shapes.

Formula for calculating perimeter ratio:

Perimeter Ratio = Perimeter of Shape A / Perimeter of Shape B

In this formula, “Perimeter of Shape A” represents the total distance around the first shape, and “Perimeter of Shape B” represents the total distance around the second shape.

For example, let’s say we have two similar rectangles, and the perimeter of the first rectangle (Shape A) is 30 units, while the perimeter of the second rectangle (Shape B) is 20 units. The perimeter ratio would be calculated as follows:

Perimeter Ratio = 30 units / 20 units = 1.5

This means that the perimeter of Shape A is 1.5 times larger than the perimeter of Shape B.

The Perimeter Ratio Calculator simplifies the process of comparing the sizes of two similar shapes, aiding in geometry, and proportional analysis. By inputting the perimeters of the two shapes, the calculator quickly provides the perimeter ratio, allowing users to understand the relative size difference between the shapes and their proportional relationship.

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