Percent Volume Calculator


About Percent Volume Calculator (Formula)

A Percent Volume Calculator is a tool used to determine the percentage of a particular component or substance in a mixture, solution, or sample. This calculator is commonly employed in chemistry, biology, and various scientific fields where understanding the concentration of specific substances is crucial for accurate analyses and experiments.

The formula to calculate the percent volume is as follows:

Percent Volume = (Volume of Component / Total Volume) * 100


  • Percent Volume: The percentage of a particular component’s volume in relation to the total volume of the mixture.
  • Volume of Component: The volume of the specific substance being considered.
  • Total Volume: The total volume of the mixture or solution.

For example, if a solution contains 25 mL of solute in a total volume of 150 mL, the percent volume of the solute can be calculated as:

Percent Volume = (25 mL / 150 mL) * 100 = 16.67%

The Percent Volume Calculator is essential for accurate measurements and analyses involving solutions, mixtures, and samples. It aids in determining the concentration of specific components, tracking changes in concentration during reactions, and ensuring precise experimental outcomes. This calculator is widely used in various scientific and laboratory settings to maintain accuracy and consistency in research and analysis.

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