Percent Off Calculator


About Percent Off Calculator (Formula)

A percent off calculator is a tool used to calculate the savings or discount of a specific price or item when a percent off is applied. The calculator takes the original price of an item and the percent off as inputs and returns the discounted price and the amount saved. The formula for calculating the percent off is:

Discounted Price = Original Price x (1 – (Percent Off / 100))

The percent off can also be used to calculate the original price from the discounted price using the formula:

Original Price = Discounted Price / (1 – (Percent Off / 100))

Percent off calculators are commonly used in retail and sales to determine the final price of an item after a discount has been applied. They are often found in spreadsheet software or as online calculators, and can be used to quickly and easily calculate the percent off for a given price.

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