Percent Heart Rate Calculator


About Percent Heart Rate Calculator (Formula)

The Percent Heart Rate Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the percentage of your current heart rate in relation to your maximum heart rate. It helps you gauge the intensity of your exercise or physical activity by providing a percentage value.

The formula used by the calculator is:

PHR = CHR / MHR * 100


  • PHR stands for Percent Heart Rate,
  • CHR represents the Current Heart Rate (in beats per minute),
  • MHR represents the Max Heart Rate (in beats per minute).

To calculate the Percent Heart Rate, you simply divide your Current Heart Rate by your Maximum Heart Rate and then multiply the result by 100. The resulting value indicates the proportion of your maximum heart rate that you are currently exerting.

Knowing your Percent Heart Rate can be useful for determining if you are working out at an appropriate intensity level. Different intensity levels target specific fitness goals. For example, exercising at a higher percentage of your maximum heart rate can be more effective for cardiovascular endurance, while a lower percentage may be ideal for fat burning.

By using the Percent Heart Rate Calculator, you can monitor your heart rate during exercise and make adjustments to ensure you are achieving your desired fitness objectives.

It’s important to note that individual fitness levels and health conditions can vary, so it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or exercise specialist to determine the appropriate target heart rate range for your specific needs.

The Percent Heart Rate Calculator provides a simple and convenient way to estimate your heart rate intensity, helping you make informed decisions about your exercise routine and optimise your fitness goals.

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