Pavement Temperature Calculator


About Pavement Temperature Calculator (Formula)

A Pavement Temperature Calculator is a tool used to estimate the temperature of pavement surfaces based on various factors such as air temperature, solar radiation, and time of day. This calculation is important in civil engineering, transportation, and road maintenance to assess pavement conditions and predict potential issues.

Formula for Pavement Temperature Calculation:

The calculation of pavement temperature involves complex heat transfer processes, including solar radiation absorption, conduction, and heat exchange with the environment. Different models and equations are used to estimate pavement temperature, but a common approach involves considering factors like solar radiation, air temperature, and the pavement’s thermal properties.

One simplified formula that considers solar radiation and air temperature is:

Pavement Temperature = Air Temperature + Solar Radiation Factor * Solar Radiation


  • Air Temperature: The temperature of the surrounding air.
  • Solar Radiation Factor: A coefficient that accounts for the influence of solar radiation on pavement temperature.
  • Solar Radiation: The amount of solar energy received by the pavement.

It’s important to note that more accurate models take into account additional variables such as wind speed, pavement type, thermal properties, and heat storage effects.


  1. Road Maintenance: Pavement temperature calculations help assess the risk of freezing, thawing, and other pavement-related issues.
  2. Winter Road Treatment: Municipalities use pavement temperature predictions to determine when to apply de-icing materials.
  3. Traffic Management: The calculator aids in predicting pavement conditions that impact vehicle traction and safety.
  4. Construction Planning: Engineers use pavement temperature estimates in construction projects that involve asphalt and concrete.
  5. Urban Planning: Planners use pavement temperature data to assess urban heat island effects and design heat mitigation strategies.
  6. Climate Studies: Pavement temperature calculations contribute to climate studies by understanding local temperature variations.

In summary, a Pavement Temperature Calculator involves various models and equations that help estimate pavement temperature based on factors like air temperature and solar radiation. This tool is crucial for road maintenance, safety assessments, and urban planning in various climatic conditions.

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