Motor Power Calculator


About Motor Power Calculator (Formula)

The Motor Power Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the power of a motor based on the input values of motor torque and angular speed. This calculator is useful for engineers, technicians, and enthusiasts who need to determine the power requirements of a motor for various applications.

The formula used in the Motor Power Calculator is as follows:

P = (t * 2 * π * RPM) / 60


  • P represents the motor power in watts.
  • t represents the motor torque in Newton-meters (N-m).
  • RPM represents the angular speed of the motor in revolutions per minute.

To calculate the motor power, the formula multiplies the torque by 2, π (pi), and the RPM, and then divides the result by 60.

By entering the values of motor torque and angular speed into the calculator, the power output of the motor can be quickly determined. The resulting power value indicates the amount of energy the motor can generate or consume.

It’s important to note that the calculator assumes the input values are in the SI units of Newton-meters for torque and revolutions per minute for angular speed. The calculated power is provided in watts, which is the standard unit for measuring power.

The Motor Power Calculator simplifies the process of determining motor power, allowing users to make informed decisions about motor selection, performance analysis, and power requirements for various mechanical and electrical systems.

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