Monthly Average Calculator



Calculating the monthly average of a set of values is a common task in various fields, from finance to data analysis. To simplify this process, we’ll create a user-friendly Monthly Average Calculator using HTML and JavaScript. This calculator allows users to input values and quickly obtain the accurate monthly average.

How to Use

  1. Enter numerical values in the input fields.
  2. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the monthly average.


The formula for calculating the monthly average (MA) is straightforward:


Suppose we have the following values for each month: 500, 700, 600, 800, and 900. Using the Monthly Average Calculator, we find the result as follows:


Q: Can I input non-numerical values?

A: No, the calculator accepts only numerical values. Ensure you input valid numbers for accurate results.

Q: What if I have data for more or fewer than 12 months?

A: The calculator accommodates any number of months. Simply input the values you have, and it will provide the accurate monthly average.

Q: Is the result rounded off?

A: The calculator displays the precise result without rounding off. For decimal values, the calculator provides a precise monthly average.


Creating a Monthly Average Calculator with HTML and JavaScript is a valuable tool for anyone needing to quickly compute averages. It streamlines the process and ensures accuracy in calculations. Whether you’re managing finances or analyzing data, this calculator proves to be a handy asset.

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