Momentum to Force Calculator


About Momentum to Force Calculator (Formula)

The Momentum to Force Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the force exerted on an object based on its initial momentum, final momentum, and the change in time. Momentum refers to the quantity of motion possessed by an object and is calculated by multiplying its mass by its velocity.

The formula used to calculate force from momentum is:

F = |Mf – Mi| / ∆t


  • F represents the force exerted on the object
  • Mf denotes the final momentum
  • Mi denotes the initial momentum
  • ∆t represents the change in time

To calculate the force, we first find the difference between the final and initial momentum. This difference is divided by the change in time. The absolute value is taken to ensure the force is positive, representing the magnitude of the force exerted on the object.

By using this calculator, you can input the initial momentum, final momentum, and change in time values. Upon clicking the “Calculate” button, the calculator applies the momentum to force formula and displays the result, providing the force exerted on the object in Newtons (N).

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