Markup Calculator


About Markup Calculator (Formula)

A Markup Calculator is a tool used to determine the selling price of a product or service based on its cost and desired markup percentage. The markup represents the amount added to the cost price to establish the selling price, ensuring a profit margin for the seller.

The formula to calculate the selling price with markup is as follows:

Selling Price = Cost Price + (Cost Price x Markup Percentage)


  • Selling Price: The final price at which the product or service will be sold.
  • Cost Price: The original cost or purchase price of the product or service.
  • Markup Percentage: The percentage added to the cost price to establish the desired profit margin.

To use the Markup Calculator, input the cost price and the desired markup percentage, then apply the formula to find the selling price. The result will be the price at which the product or service should be sold to achieve the desired profit margin.

Markup calculations are essential for businesses to set competitive prices, ensure profitability, and manage costs effectively. Additionally, markup can vary depending on the industry, product type, and market conditions. The Markup Calculator simplifies this process and allows businesses and sellers to make informed pricing decisions for their products and services.

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