Lumens Distance Calculator


About Lumens Distance Calculator (Formula)

The Lumens Distance Calculator is a tool used to estimate the brightness or illumination level at a specific distance from a light source, based on the light’s luminous flux (measured in lumens) and the distance from the source. It aids in lighting design and determining the appropriate placement of light fixtures. The formula for calculating lumens at a certain distance involves considering the inverse square law of light propagation.

Formula for calculating lumens at a distance:

Luminous Flux at Distance = Luminous Flux (in lumens) / (Distance^2)

In this formula, “Luminous Flux” represents the total amount of light emitted by the source in lumens, and “Distance” represents the distance from the light source in meters or feet.

For example, let’s say a light source emits 1000 lumens, and we want to calculate the luminous flux at a distance of 5 meters from the source. The luminous flux at that distance would be calculated as follows:

Luminous Flux at 5 meters = 1000 lumens / (5 meters)^2 = 1000 lumens / 25 = 40 lumens

This means that the illumination level at a distance of 5 meters from the light source would be approximately 40 lumens.

The Lumens Distance Calculator simplifies the process of assessing lighting intensity at various distances, aiding lighting designers, photographers, and anyone working with lighting setups. By inputting the luminous flux of the light source and the distance, the calculator quickly provides the estimated lumens at the specified distance, helping users make informed decisions about light placement and lighting levels for their applications.

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