Lever Torque Calculator


About Lever Torque Calculator (Formula)

The Lever Torque Calculator is a tool used to determine the torque exerted by a lever system. Torque, measured in Newton-meters (N-m), is a measure of the rotational force applied to an object.

The formula used to calculate the lever torque is as follows:

Lever Torque = Lever Force (N) × Distance from the Lever Force to the Fulcrum (m)

In this formula, the lever force represents the force applied to the lever, measured in Newtons (N). The distance from the lever force to the fulcrum is the perpendicular distance between the applied force and the fulcrum point, measured in meters (m). By multiplying these two values, we obtain the lever torque, which indicates the magnitude of the rotational force generated by the lever system.

The Lever Torque Calculator simplifies the process of computing torque in lever systems. By entering the lever force and the distance from the lever force to the fulcrum into the calculator, it automatically performs the multiplication and presents the result as the lever torque in N-m.

This tool is particularly useful in mechanical engineering, physics, and other fields where the understanding and analysis of torque and lever systems are essential. It enables users to quickly and accurately calculate the torque exerted by a lever, aiding in design considerations, problem-solving, and various real-world applications involving levers and rotational forces.

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