Hyperfocal Distance Calculator


About Hyperfocal Distance Calculator (Formula)

The Hyperfocal Distance Calculator is a photography tool used to determine the hyperfocal distance, which is the closest distance at which a camera lens can be focused while keeping objects at infinity acceptably sharp. It aids in landscape photography and maximizing depth of field. The formula for calculating the hyperfocal distance involves considering the focal length of the lens, the aperture (f-stop) setting, and the diameter of the camera’s circle of confusion.

Formula for calculating hyperfocal distance:

Hyperfocal Distance = (Focal Length^2) / (Aperture * Circle of Confusion)

In this formula, “Focal Length” represents the lens’s focal length in millimeters, “Aperture” is the f-stop setting, and “Circle of Confusion” is a measure of the smallest acceptable blur circle on the camera’s sensor.

The hyperfocal distance is particularly useful in landscape photography, where photographers aim to capture the maximum depth of field to keep both foreground and distant objects in focus. By setting the focus distance to the hyperfocal distance, photographers can achieve a balanced sharpness throughout the image.

The Hyperfocal Distance Calculator simplifies the process of determining the hyperfocal distance, aiding photographers in achieving optimal sharpness and depth of field in their landscape images. By inputting the lens focal length, aperture setting, and circle of confusion value, the calculator quickly provides the hyperfocal distance, helping users make informed decisions about focusing their shots for landscape photography.

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