Heat Exchanger Area Calculator


About Heat Exchanger Area Calculator (Formula)

The Heat Exchanger Area Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the required area of a heat exchanger based on the heat exchanger capacity, heat transfer coefficient, and temperature difference. The area of a heat exchanger is a critical parameter that determines its effectiveness in transferring heat between two fluids.

The formula used in the calculator to calculate the heat exchanger area is as follows:

A = C / (k * ΔT)


  • A represents the heat exchanger area, typically measured in square feet (ft²).
  • C is the heat exchanger capacity, measured in British thermal units per hour (btu/h). It refers to the amount of heat energy that the heat exchanger can transfer in a given time.
  • k is the heat transfer coefficient, measured in btu/ft²h°F. It represents the ability of the heat exchanger to transfer heat between the fluids.
  • ΔT is the temperature difference between the hot and cold fluids, measured in degrees Fahrenheit (°F). It indicates the temperature change that occurs during heat exchange.

To calculate the heat exchanger area, the calculator divides the heat exchanger capacity (C) by the product of the heat transfer coefficient (k) and the temperature difference (ΔT). The result is the required heat exchanger area, which represents the surface area needed to achieve the desired heat transfer.

By using the Heat Exchanger Area Calculator, engineers and designers can easily determine the appropriate area for a heat exchanger, helping in the selection and sizing of heat exchange equipment for various applications.

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