Gun Recoil Force Calculator


About Gun Recoil Force Calculator (Formula)

The Gun Recoil Force Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the recoil force produced by a firearm when a bullet is fired. The recoil force refers to the backward force exerted on the shooter’s hand or shoulder due to the rapid acceleration of the bullet moving in the opposite direction.

The formula used by the Gun Recoil Force Calculator is as follows:

Recoil Force = (Mass of the bullet * Velocity of the bullet^2) / ((Gun recoil distance/12) * 32.174049)

In this formula:

  • Mass of the bullet (lbs) represents the weight of the bullet being fired.
  • Velocity of the bullet (ft/s) refers to the speed at which the bullet is traveling.
  • Gun recoil distance (in) represents the distance the firearm moves backward as a result of the bullet’s recoil.

To calculate the recoil force, the mass of the bullet is multiplied by the square of the bullet’s velocity. This product is then divided by the product of the gun recoil distance (converted to feet) and the constant value 32.174049, which represents the acceleration due to gravity in feet per second squared.

The result of the calculation provides an estimate of the recoil force generated by the firearm. This information can be valuable for understanding the potential impact and force exerted on the shooter when firing a particular firearm and bullet combination.

By using the Gun Recoil Force Calculator, firearm enthusiasts, shooters, and firearm manufacturers can gain insights into the recoil forces involved and make informed decisions regarding firearm design, ammunition selection, and shooting techniques.

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