Grams of Fat to Calories Calculator


About Grams of Fat to Calories Calculator (Formula)

A “Grams of Fat to Calories Calculator” is a tool used to determine the number of calories contributed by a certain amount of fat in a food item or diet. It helps individuals understand the energy content of dietary fats and their impact on overall caloric intake. This calculator is commonly used in nutrition, diet planning, and weight management to make informed choices about fat consumption and calorie intake. The formula for calculating the calories from grams of fat provides insights into the energy value of dietary fats.

The formula for calculating Calories from Grams of Fat is:

Calories from Fat = Grams of Fat × 9


  • Calories from Fat is the number of calories contributed by the grams of fat in the food.
  • Grams of Fat is the quantity of fat in grams.

The “9” in the formula represents the fact that fat contains approximately 9 calories per gram. This is higher than the calorie content of carbohydrates or protein, which contain about 4 calories per gram.

For example, if a food item contains 15 grams of fat, the calories from fat would be:

Calories from Fat = 15 g × 9 cal/g = 135 calories

This means that the fat in the food item contributes 135 calories to the overall energy content.

The Grams of Fat to Calories Calculator is a helpful tool for individuals who are tracking their calorie intake and managing their diet. It allows them to assess the energy contribution of dietary fats and make informed choices about their nutritional consumption.

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