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About Final Temperature Calculator (Formula)

The Final Temperature Calculator is a tool used to determine the final temperature of two substances after they have been combined. The calculator uses the principle of conservation of energy, which states that the total energy before and after a process must be equal.

The formula used to calculate the final temperature is:

TF = (m1c1t1 + m2c2t2) / (m1c1 + m2c2)

Where: TF = Final temperature (C) m1 = mass of object 1 (g) c1 = specific heat of object 1 (J/gC) t1 = initial temperature of object 1 (C) m2 = mass of object 2 (g) c2 = specific heat of object 2 (J/gC) t2 = initial temperature of object 2 (C).

The formula assumes that the two substances are at thermal equilibrium, meaning that heat is flowing from one substance to the other, but the overall temperature of both substances is the same. It also assumes that there is no loss of heat to the surroundings. The calculator is mostly used in physics and thermodynamics.

It is important to note that the formula is valid only for the ideal conditions, in reality, there may be heat losses to the surroundings and the final temperature may be different.


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