Field of View Calculator


About Field of View Calculator (Formula)

A Field of View Calculator is a tool used to determine the angular extent of the observable area captured by a camera lens or optical device. The formula for calculating the field of view typically involves the following variables:

Field of View = 2 * arctan ( Sensor Dimension / (2 * Focal Length) )

Let’s break down the variables in this formula:

  1. Sensor Dimension: This represents the physical dimension of the camera sensor or the size of the image sensor. It is typically measured in millimeters (mm) or inches (in).
  2. Focal Length: This refers to the distance between the lens and the camera sensor. It is typically measured in millimeters (mm) or inches (in).

By dividing the sensor dimension by twice the focal length, and taking the inverse tangent (arctan) of the result, multiplied by 2, you can calculate the field of view.

It’s important to note that the field of view formula provides an estimation and assumes an idealized pinhole camera model. In practice, other factors such as lens distortion, image sensor size, and camera specifications may affect the actual field of view.

A Field of View Calculator serves as a helpful tool for photographers, videographers, and professionals working with optical systems. It aids in selecting the appropriate lenses, determining camera placement, and understanding the coverage area to capture desired scenes and compositions.

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