F Ratio Calculator



The F ratio calculator is a tool used to determine the F ratio or F statistic in a statistical analysis. The F ratio is a value used in analysis of variance (ANOVA) tests, which are used to compare the means of three or more groups. The F ratio is calculated by dividing the variance between groups by the variance within groups.


The formula for calculating the F ratio is:

F = (variance between groups) / (variance within groups)

How to use F Ratio Calculator

To use the F ratio calculator, you will need to have data for the means and variances of the groups being compared. Enter the data into the calculator and it will provide you with the F ratio.


  1. A researcher is comparing the effectiveness of three different teaching methods on student performance. The mean test scores and variances for each group are as follows:

    Group 1: mean = 75, variance = 25 Group 2: mean = 80, variance = 30 Group 3: mean = 85, variance = 35

    Using the F ratio calculator, the researcher calculates the F ratio to be 2.17.

  2. An engineer is comparing the strength of three different materials. The mean strength and variances for each material are as follows:

    Material 1: mean strength = 100, variance = 5 Material 2: mean strength = 110, variance = 10 Material 3: mean strength = 120, variance = 15

    Using the F ratio calculator, the engineer calculates the F ratio to be 6.


The F ratio calculator is a useful tool for conducting ANOVA tests and analyzing data. It provides a quick and easy way to calculate the F ratio, which is an important value in statistical analysis. By using this calculator, researchers and analysts can make informed decisions and draw accurate conclusions from their data.


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